We are often asked about what is the full form of Ikr. This is one of the most commonly asked questions people often search for on the internet. So, what exactly the Ikr stands for? Well, the very short answer to this question is given below.

Ikr Full Form

Here is the full form of IKR, NGL, OP, NVM, ITT, and IMY

Ikr is an abbreviation (a shortened form of words or lengthy phrases) for the phrase which stands for “I know, right.” The Ikr phrase was first electronically used back in the early 1990s.

It is among some of the other widely used abbreviations by people such as NGL that stands for “not gonna lie.”  “Op or Op meaning in chat” which stands for “original poster” or “original post” and NVM (also NM) or lowercase nvm (nm) stands for Never Mind and used mostly on Social Media.

There is a big list of abbreviations available which are often used by people who just don’t want to write the full phrase. Below you can find some of the most commonly used abbreviations or short phrases.

Commonly Used Abbreviations or Short Phrase

Below You Can Find Full Form of The Most Commonly Used Abbreviations or Short Phrase

  • Ikr – “I know, right.”
  • NGL – stands for “not gonna lie.”
  • Op or Op meaning in chat stands for “original poster” or “original post”
  • NVM – (also NM) or lowercase nvm (nm) stands for Never Mind
  • ITT – is an initialism that stands for “in this thread.”
  • IMY – Stands for “I Miss You”
  • FYI – stands for (For Your Information)
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