In our previous NBA 2k22 guide, we talked about all the possible ways to fix NBA 2K22 error codes 4b538e50 / 63ee13bb / a40c9996 / 2fd7b735 etc. These errors causes so many players so they weren’t able to play the game in different scenarios.

Now, it appears that a new and similar NBA 2k22 error code 6f8ce31b has started popping up for several NBA 2K22 players which is causing MyCAREER stability/connections error in the game.

The full error message reads as follows.

”There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit http://NBA2K.com/status for up-to-date information on Error Code: 6f8ce31b.”

”A problem has been encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing. This game will not be counted.”

”CustomShoeDatabase” has been corrupted and is unable to be loaded. The corrupted file will now be overwritten.”

These error messages appear to be the same as the previous one but, has a new error code 6f8ce31b. This error appears to be a connection error between your PC, console, and 2K22 server.

What Causes NBA 2K22 Error Code 6f8ce31b?

There could be three main reasons you are getting 6f8ce31b error in NBA 2K22 and they go as follows.

  • Reason 1- 2K servers are down
  • Reason 2- Your NBA 2K22 or NBA 2K21 has some pending update or it’s not updated to the latest patch
  • Reason 3- Reserved data not cleared

How to Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 6f8ce31b?

Since the NBA 2k22 error code 6f8ce31b is pretty similar to the error codes that we talked about earlier. The solution for this error is also the same as we have talked about in the previous guide.

Solution 1

If you are getting 6f8ce31b error because 2K servers are down. Then you can’t do anything from your end to prevent this error code. You could receive such type of error when the 2K22 servers are on scheduled maintenance and you try to play the game unknowingly that the servers are on scheduled maintenance mode.

Solution 2

If the 2K servers are up and running well and you are still getting 6f8ce31b error code. Then the reason for this error to occur is that there is some pending game update in your system. Now, in this case, you can try the following three methods to trigger the game update.

  • Method 1 – Try to restart your console or PC that might trigger the update on your console or PC.

If this doesn’t trigger the update, then the other easiest way you can try to trigger the update is:

  • Method 2 – Go to the NBA 2K22 >> Features >> Credits

Now, wait for a while or a few seconds until you see a message on the lower-left corner of your screen which says Update RequiredReturn to the Main Menu to apply the update and dismiss this message.

That’s it, now go back to the main menu, and your game should be updated now and you can finally access MyCAREER.

Method 3- The third way to trigger game update is just by playing the Blacktop game. To play the Blacktop game in NBA 2K22 follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Playnow on the main menu
  • Now, simply select Blacktop and play any 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 Blacktop game from there.

Solution 3

The third way you can use to get rid off of from the NBA 2k22 error code 6f8ce31b is by clearing up your Saved Dat >> Reserved Space by heading to NBA 2K22 settings on your console or PC. If you are not sure how to clear this up, follow the steps below.

Go NBA 2K22 >> Manage Game and Add-ons >> Saved Data >> Reserved Space and clear this up.

Solution 4

Good news, 2K seems to have now fixed the ongoing error 6f8ce31b related to NBA 2K22 MyCAREER storyline on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S. 2K has released the new NBA 2K22 patch 1.4 update that according to its patch notes has now fixed the NBA 2K22 error code 6f8ce31b where some users were unable to progress in select MyCAREER storylines.

Also, the patch says, Gatorade Private Courts reservation menu will now reliably display your friends’ list. You can update to the latest patch 1.4 by following the steps above or just restart your console to trigger the update.

Now, you should be able to access your NBA 2K22 MyCAREER ad the 6f8ce31b error should now be fixed.

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