Sonic Colors Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate released on September 7 last week for PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Now Sega has announced that the first of many patch update is out now for Sonic Colors: Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Yes, the Sonic Colors: Ultimate has now received the first patch update that comes with version number 1.04 for Nintendo Switch.

Here is how the official tweet reads.

”Hi everyone – We have deployed a patch for the Nintendo Switch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate. This is the first of several patches (for all platforms!) that will begin rolling out in the near future. Thank you for your patience!”

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Patch 1.04 Changelogs for Switch

So, now you can update the Sonic Colors: Ultimate game on your Nintendo Switch console. Sega, however, hasan’t shared changelogs for the latest Sonic Colors: Ultimate patch update.

But, according to the video below, frame rates dips are still present in the game. But it appears that patch 1.04 has now fixed the seizures glitches.

However, there appear to be a number of glitches that are still present in the game. The dark result screen still appearing on the stage, Sonic’s model still doesn’t jump out of the stage properly, animation doesn’t work and the stage still appears too dark compared to other consoles.

Also, it appears that you still can’t grab the Wisp Capsule and still get flung into the air. According to the video below, the game load time is still longer on the first boot of the game

For full changelogs and what glitches have been fixed and what’s still present check out the video below.

It appears that the Sonic Colors: Ultimate Patch 1.04 Update is currently available only on the Nintendo Switch. The patch is expected to be available soon on all platforms, so kindly wait for some time.

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