After getting huge success on the popular hybrid console Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is finally available to try out on PC. The Monster Hunter Rise demo is now officially available to download via a Steam client on Windows 10 PCs. So, if you were waiting for Monster Hunter Rise to be available on PC then it’s finally here.

To help with the game download and other details. Here I will be providing you with all the details including how to download the Monster Hunter Rise demo on your PC, Monster Hunter Rise PC Steam features, quests, weapons, demo player bonus item pack, and More.

How to Download Monster Hunter Rise Demo on PC

Downloading the Monster Hunter Rise demo on PC is really simple. To download the Monster Hunter Rise demo on your PC via Steam you will need:

  • An active Steam account
  • Steam App installed on your PC

Now, after you have both the above things ready follow the steps below to download the Monster Hunter Rise demo on your PC.

  • Open the Steam app on your PC and let the update finish if there is any.
  • Now, go to the Steam search bar and type in their Monster Hunter Rise demo, and hit enter
  • You can also use this link to download the demo directly
  • On the Monster Hunter Rise download page, scroll down a bit and click on the green Play Game button to start downloading the demo.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Steam version features:

  • 4K resolution
  • Various graphics options
  • Controller support and optimized keyboard & mouse controls
  • Voice Chat
  • Ultrawide Display support

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Quests

The Monster Hunter Rise Demo includes 5 quests, teaching you the basics of the Wirebug, Wyvern Riding, and Silkbind Skills, as well as offering a few actual hunts.

The 5 quests are as follows:
  1. Basic Training Quest (Tutorial)
  2. Wyvern Riding Training Quest (Tutorial)
  3. Slay a Great Izuchi (Beginner)
  4. Slay a Mizutsune (Intermediate)
  5. Slay Magnamalo (Advanced)

Weapons Included in Monster Hunter Rise Demo

Monster Hunter Rise demo for PC includes all the 14 weapon types, and the slaying quests can be played in co-op with up to 4 players. The demo also includes all the customization options you’d expect on Steam!

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Bonuses

By playing the Play the Monster Hunter Rise demo you can unlock the “Demo Player Bonus” item pack in the full game.

The demo player bonuses can only be claimed in the full game of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise “Demo Player Bonus” item pack includes the following bonuses.

  • Mega Potion – x20
  • Pitfall Trap – X5
  • Energy Drink – x10
  • Mega Demondrug – x5
  • Mega Armor Skin – x5

You can also pre-purchase the Monster Hunter Rise from Steam.

Pre-purchase Bonuses:
  • “Retriever Costume” Palamute layered armor set
  • “Forest Cat Costume” Palico layered armor set
  • Novice Talisman to help out in the early stages of the game

– Pre-purchase bonuses are available until 4:59 p.m. UTC on January 12, 2022.
– Pre-purchase bonuses may be made available separately at a later date.
– Layered armor only changes your Buddies’ appearance.

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