Battlefield 2042

In this post today, I will be talking about an issue where a lot of Xbox players are unable to play Battlefield 2042 because they are stuck on the “press A to play” Battlefield 2042 screen. Several Xbox console players have come across this issue where they are unable or can’t press the A button or are stuck on the “press A to play” Battlefield 2042 screen on their Xbox console. This issue is quite frustrating because when you press the A to play Battlefield 2042 on your Xbox console nothing happens and the game doesn’t start.

So, if you are also facing this issue on your Xbox console including Xbox Box, Xbox Series X|S then here are some simple solutions to fix this issue. Simply follow the steps below and I hope this will help you in fixing the can’t press the A button to play the Battlefield 2042 issue.

How to Fix Can’t Press A to Play Battlefield 2042 on Xbox Console

Solution 1

The first thing you can try to do is disconnect the elite series 2 controller or Xbox Series X|S controller from your console. You can also try to use Xbox One controller instead. after disconnecting make sure to restart the game.

Now, disconnecting the controller from your console and restarting the game should fix the issue and you should now be able to play the game normally.

Solution 2

If you have any third-party devices connected to your Xbox console via USB then go and disconnect them all from your console. Powering off the controllers won’t work so try to disconnect them.

If you have any third-party devices such as a mouse, keyboard, headsets, joystick or controller, wired or wireless headsets connected to your console via USB then disconnect them all from the console, and after disconnecting restart the game and you should now be able to play the game by pressing the A button on the console.

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