Who doesn’t like futuristic and dark-themed games? Well, here is Chorus which takes you on a journey where you explore various rifles and mysteries along with a quick-paced play. Being amongst the latest and greatest games, Chorus is surely hard to come by when it comes to enemies. 

You have to enhance the crafts, pick various weapons, choose abilities, and fight groups of enemies on your way while taking down battleships of titanic size. So, to help you out in your Chorus journey we managed to make an Enemies Guide to Chorus.

Chorus Enemies Guide: All You Need to Know

Enemies in Chorus

Well, the enemies in Chorus are quite different from one another. To keep things rather easy to understand, they are divided into various types. There are the Circles, Faceless, and Stationary, which we will discuss below in detail while giving you ways to kill them easily.


  • Crows; these are the most basic type of enemies you will find in the game. You won’t have a problem fighting them but once they start to stack up, things will get pretty hard to control. To kill them, you will have to use Gatling while getting behind them with teleportation or kill them head-on passes.
  • Raven; these are a bit durable in comparison to the Crows, having a shield on top. You will have to use your Laser to kill them or blast them twice after getting behind them. While, for the finishing move, you will have to use your Gatling.
  • Vulture; there are furthermore various types of vulture-like the charge laser bearers, mine layers, and so on. The most annoying thing about Vulture is that they all have the individual amount of armor and health, so it becomes hard to stop them when gathered. To get rid of them, you will have to use your Rite of Storm and Missiles. On the other hand, you can simply ignore them till they run off flying.
  • Shade; these are only dangerous when they use their ability like respawning an infinite amount of Crows. As we already mentioned, when Crows stack up they become hard to handle, so Shade is referred to as the enemy shit capital that respawns them. To save yourself from them, you need to drift and strafe.


  • Turrets; these are mostly found on the top of stations and even sometimes on the capitals. They are one of the easiest targets because they are completely still. You can use the Gatling, laser, and even missile to kill them.
  • Hangers; these are not usually referred to as enemies but they are on the annoying side because of their ability to respawn crows infinitely. There are dual-energy batteries or fuel tanks on each hangar so you will have to use Gatling on them to take care. In case they are far off for you to use Gatling, you can simply make use of your missiles on long-range. The stationaries can’t dodge your missiles on long-range, so you can easily take care of them.


  • Emergent; these are a replica of Crows but they have charge attacks and come with their shield. Their HP is low so you need to just worry about the shield.
  • Conduits; these are the reflection of vultures, but they are vulnerable when it comes to their shields. You can chase them if you want.
  • Swarm; except the bosses, which are hard to kill in the game, there are Swarms, which come with the power to attack the plane and kill it. Alongside it, there are charge attacks as well. To kill them, you will have to keep your distance and use the Gatling to kill them. You can also use the Rite of the Star on them to demolish.
  • Sentinel; teleporters are one of the most annoying enemies in Chorus and well here are they. Sentinels teleport around while also having the ability to rotate. This movement makes them hard to hard on their weak spots. To kill them you need to use Gatling when a weak spot is visible and in case they come with the boss, you just need to ignore them and use the rite of star.

Hope you liked our Enemies Guide to Chorus.

About Chorus

Chorus is a space combat video game developed by Fishlabs and published by Deep Silver. The game was released on December 3, 2021, for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Luna, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

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