New World Classes, Races, and Factions


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New World Classes and Races

The game brings a whole new world to explore and reveal the hidden secrets as you battle against your way for survival in the land inspired by colonial America. When playing the game, your objective is to collect deadly craft items and gain access to locked territories, and complete quests to become the master. Unlike other MMOs, New World doesn’t feature any race or class system to choose from; however, the fantasy-inspired look at navigating new areas of the 16th century, everyone from worldwide can play as a human. 

Besides, no class-based system was introduced when going through the character creation system of the New World. Using the character creation system, you can make a character of your dream using tons of possibilities and decide the core attributes that help you determine what your character excels at. So, you can navigate the world to level up your crafting and weapon skills that allow you to specialize your avatar along the lines you pick. 

Introduction of New World Factions

You can’t go so far without leveling up your character through New World. However, if you talk about factions, then there are three to choose from, and their names are the following: 

  • The Marauders 
  • The Syndicate
  • The Covenant

Each faction comes with unique attributes to its core and has a unique vision for the new land. Here’s a brief introduction of all factions one by one. 

  • Marauders

They are more vital to strength than others; however, the faction intends a nation free of restrictive rules; instead, their martial and power determine their worth. 

  • Syndicates

Suppose you love to play the game using ninja abilities who usually love to explore the dark world without letting anyone know about their plans. In that case, they were then going with a syndicate in your favor as they lurk in the shadows and think like thieves. They are eager to embrace the dark side of humankind; meanwhile, delving into an unknown location to dig up dark secrets. 

  • The Covenant

The last and the third faction of “New World” is the fanatical Templars devoted to their faith in the light of the Spark; however, the Covenant is willing to bring their religion to all players on Aeternum. Now, it’s on you what faction you choose to participate in the game to battle against enemies.


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