Lost Ark: What is Fever Time?


Those who have played the new Lost Ark game of apocalypse a while back will be pleased to learn that the game now has a PvP mode! However, what exactly is Fever Time? It is a double forex event that marks key occasions in the game. The global version will not have this feature, but it will be added once it becomes officially obtainable in the international version.

Fever Time Events in Lost Ark

Players in this game can experience Fever Time events, which can give them double currency on specific days. It may also be used to mark major events or similar days.

Although this mode is not yet implemented in the global version, it will soon be incorporated. For the time being, you can get rid of the alerts that will appear in your PvP menus, and enjoy the game for longer than ever.

Those who are not into PvP will want to avoid these. The game has a large number of PvP opportunities, including various modes. When a player receives a Fever Time alert, they should be aware that this will alter their gameplay.

They should not ignore this alert. It is possible to survive Fever Time and still get the currency they need. It is important to know how to properly use these PvP opportunities to earn Fever Time.


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