Lost Ark Keyboard Controls

To improve your gaming experience, it’s always a good idea to learn the keyboard shortcuts for Lost Ark. This action-packed MMORPG has a plethora of keys and buttons. Despite the extensive tutorial system in the early game, you might have missed a few basics. To increase your QoF, use the following Lost Ark Keyboard Controls Shortcut Cheater Sheet.

To change the controls, navigate to the “Hotkeys” tab in the Settings menu. Once you’ve done that, press Ctrl+Z to select your control. If you’d prefer to control your character with the mouse, press left-click.

However, in the game’s menu, right-click will move you to the desired spot. To make the most of your keyboard shortcuts, choose the first option. This way, you can change the game’s control schemes without wasting time adjusting your settings.

Lost Ark Keyboard Controls Cheat Sheet

For PC gamers, there’s a keybinding chart to help you customize your mouse. This cheat sheet will help you save time in the game by eliminating frustrating errors and gaining a greater sense of control over the game’s mouse settings.

Unlike the manual, this guide contains a comprehensive overview of the controls in Lost Ark. You’ll know what to do with the mouse, which will give you an advantage over enemies in the game.

Lost Ark Keybinds Cheat Sheet
Image Courtesy: r/lostarkgame

Lost Ark Keyboard Controls Shortcut Cheat Sheet:

Below you can find the list of Lost Ark Keyboard Controls Shortcut Cheat Sheet brought to you by redditors r/lostarkgame.

hotkey / shortcut Result
Alt + Ppet
Alt + U guild
Alt + O achievements
Alt + Ü / { lfg tool
Alt + A raid settings
Alt + D codex
Alt + K pvp overview
Alt + L collectibles
Alt + X minimize HUD
Alt + C card deck
Alt + V mounts
Alt + T milestones
Alt + Z fighters diary
Alt + Y auction house
Alt + N affinity
tab / Tabulator mini map overlay
(mini map overlay open) middle mouse button move mini map overlay
Mworld map
N adventure book
Tauto move
Pcharacter info
Jquest log
Kcombat skills
Bswitch crafting skills/attack
YUse emotes from menu/overview when the quest is stuck.
F5Use special (hidden) item in inventory.

For full details on Lost Ark keyboard controls and hotkey bindings you can check the official page here. You can read our other Lost Ark guides here.

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