Top Makeup and Hairstyle Tips to Try This Valentine’s Day Date on February 14


Are you looking for tips on top makeup and hairstyle to try this Valentine’s Day Date for February 14? If yes, then we have got you covered. Head to the post below where we will be providing some top makeup and hairstyle tips to try out this Valentine’s Day 2022.

Avoid Too Much Makeup

The makeup look for your Valentine’s Day date will depend on whether you’ll be spending the day out in the sun or in the house. For the outdoors, avoid wearing too much makeup. Since it will melt in the heat, it is best to stick to a few essentials such as a warm blush and a natural flush. Your hairstyle should be clean and natural looking. The mantra for your look is less is more.


Opt for a Romantic Look

For your makeup and hairstyle, opt for a romantic look. You can wear a red lip for a night out with your significant other, while your hair can be left loose and wavy. Medium length hair can be styled in a messy wavy look. The perfect look for this day is a old red lip and a gorgeous lilac lipstick.

Romantic Look
romantic look

Go with Medium-length Wavy Curly Hair

For your hair, choose medium-length wavy curls. A medium-barreled curling iron will give you a romantic finish. If you are not a fan of long curls, a medium-barreled hairdryer will give you a nice, tousled look. Finally, to set your hairstyle, use Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray to make your tresses stay in place.

Wavy Curly Hair
Wavy Curly Hair

Use Good Lighting When Applying Makeup

When applying makeup, it’s vital to be in good lighting. The darker the area, the harder it is to blend colors. The brighter the area, the better. Alternatively, you can use a rose gold shade to brighten your eyes. This soft, romantic color will look great with gold jewelry. So don’t be afraid to experiment! And don’t be afraid to try a new makeup style for your special day!

Go With A Bobbed Ponytail

A simple bobbed ponytail is a great way to achieve a romantic look for a Valentine’s Day Date. It’s also a good idea to use a little eyeliner. You can even make your eyebrows stand out by using a brow pencil. This way, you’ll have more space to move around and show off your beautiful face.

bobbed ponytail
bobbed ponytail

Look Luminous

The latest trend for Valentine’s Day Date is to look luminous. You can create this look by using a hydrating foundation and applying a dewy formula. You can use a bright pink lip shade or a bold red. While it’s a classic look for a romantic evening, a rosy red colour will give you a romantic feel and send your date the message that you’re not just a girl of the past.

Picking up a Lip Color

A simple red lipstick is the perfect choice for this occasion. It’s important to be confident and kissable. Choosing a lip color that resembles your favorite shade of red is essential, and a bright purple or dark blue lip will make you look sexy. Metallic nails add an extra touch of glamor to your look and can be a fun way to add some flare.



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