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Elden Ring Update 1.05 has been released, which addresses a bug in the game. In previous updates, players had reported that some of their weapons were weaker than normal. The latest patch fixes this issue. However, it’s important to note that you must still download the update in order to take advantage of the new features. While this update is available for all affected platforms, the PS5 version has the largest file size, at 235MB.

This patch is designed to fix performance issues and implement quality of life improvements, and it’s compatible with all platforms. The updated version can be downloaded directly from the developers’ website. The latest patch notes can be found below. The Elden Ring 1.05 patch is a free update, and it’s available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As with most patch releases, Elden Ring’s 1.05 update is not a large one. It’s only a small number of MB, but it’s enough to make a big difference for those who’ve played the game.

The patch notes outline the improvements and fixes to the major issues that players have had with the game. The patch is currently available on the PS4 and PS5 and is now rolling out on PC and Xbox.

Elden Ring Update version 1.05 Patch Notes – March 23, 2022

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from advancing NPC Nepheli Loux’s questline
  • Fixed a bug that causes the playable character to die when trying to descend from a spot near Bestial Sanctum
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ash of War, Endures from taking effect
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer that allowed players to teleport others to incorrect map coordinates

Download free Elden Ring update version 1.05 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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