Hogwarts Legacy: The Room of Requirement Guide

Room of Requirements

Hogwarts Legacy: The Game is Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 exclusively. Avalanche Software has announced the new game as a sprawling open-world role-playing adventure! The developers have gone to great lengths to capture the essence of the Hogwarts school and make the experience as authentic as possible for the game’s players. This room is a hub of sheer practicality and customization, with crafting stations and creature management.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Room of Requirement

During your time in the Room of Requirement, you’ll have access to new magical items, potions, and equipment that will help you in battle. The game also includes a Potion Station, where you can grow plants and brew potions.


You can upgrade your gear with the magical gear and specialized skills you’ve obtained. This way, you’ll be able to enhance your appearance and slay more monsters while enjoying the world-wide-web of fun.

In the Room of Requirement, players can create unique potions and use the Vivarium to summon a friendly magical monster to attack. You’ll be able to use this pen to cast spells on enemies to weaken them.

Having the right gear can mean the difference between survival and death. However, you can use the Room of Requirement to make powerful magical items and equip your character with the best weapons.

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