Hogwarts Legacy: Wiggenweld Potion Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Wiggenweld

The name “Wiggenweld Potion” refers to a magical herb, which was first seen in the Muggle fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The herb, which was named after the tree Wiggenweld, has many uses. It can be used to heal your body and protect you from Dark creatures. It is also useful for making potions and can be made by the player with ingredients such as Mandrake seeds.

This recipe is found in vials and is used to revive people who are killed by the Draught of Living Death. The young wizard Prince uses this potion to revive a princess who was pricked by a spinning wheel and had died.


The recipe for this potion is unique for each video game, but the method of preparation is similar. You will find vials of Wiggenweld Potion near the Dueling Club, which is a good place to get the ingredients you need.

To prepare Wiggenweld Potion, go to the Potions classroom and collect the ingredients. You’ll need Dittany, Moly, Flobberworm Mucus, and Wiggentree Bark.

You will need these in that order. The ingredients will vary from video game to video game, so make sure you check the instructions carefully. The recipe is important if you want to succeed at the game.

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