How to Play Android Games on Steam Deck: Simple Way


If you want to play Android games on Steam Deck, there is not a direct way to play. For your note Steam Deck does not officially support Android games. The first thing to consider is the compatibility of your Android games. Steam Deck supports native Android apps, so most of them should be compatible right out of the box.

How to Play Android Games on Steam Deck?

If you really want to play Android games on your Steam Deck then there is only way which you can use to make this work. Since, Steam Deck doesn’t directedly support playing Android games, you can use an Android Emulator to play Android game on your Steam Deck.


Now, might ask which is the Emulator to use on your Steam Deck. You can download and install a third party Emulator called LDPlayer emulator on your Steam Deck. LDPlayer emulator is a good one, and has already been tested by several people in running Android games on the Steam Deck.

How to Install LDPlayer Emulator on Your Steam Deck and Play Android Games?

You can follow the steps below in order download and install LDPlayer emulator on your Steam Deck.

1- Switch Steam Deck to Desktop Mode – The first thing you will need to do is Switch to the desktop mode on your steam deck, to enable desktop mode:

  • On your Steam Deck press the STEAM button, then select Power, then Switch to Desktop

Switch to

2- Download LDPlayer – Once in desktop mode simply download the LDPlayer from the browser to your steam deck. Open Firefox browser on your Steam Deck and search for the LDPlayer emulator and download it.

3- Add the LDPlayer to your Steam library – Now, you will need to add the LDPlayer to your Steam library as a non-steam game. For this, click Games option on the upper bar of your steam screen and click add a non-steam game to your library. Now, select the LDPlayer as a non-steam game and then click Add Selected Programs to add it to the Steam library.

non-steam game

4- Run LDPlayer from your library – Now, simply run the LDPlayer emulator from the Steam library and then search and play any Android games from there.

However, if you are experiencing problems, you should consider the hardware and app limitations. Also, you should be aware of your device’s framerate limiter.

Game compatibility

You may notice a gray circle with a diagonal line in it on your Steam Deck. This is an indicator that the game you are trying to play on your Steam Deck is not supported by the device.

But you should not worry, since Valve’s team of testers has been testing every single game in the Steam catalog, so the chances of your game not running on your Steam Deck are slim to none. Listed below are some things to keep an eye out for in a Steam Deck game.


If you’re interested in playing Android games on your PC, you can now get a Steam Deck, a portable gaming system that runs on a custom AMD processor. The Steam Deck is equipped with a quad-core, eight-thread Zen 2 CPU and a 1.6 TFlops RDNA 2 GPU. AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are not directly comparable to consumer processors, so you won’t be getting any of those features. The Steam Deck has a touch-enabled 7-inch LCD screen, and a 60Hz refresh rate.


When you’re looking for a portable gaming solution, Steam Deck may be the best choice. While this handheld gaming device has many features, there are still a lot of unknowns. Let’s start by examining how the Steam Deck library page works.

Once you’ve logged into your Steam account, you should be able to easily navigate the Steam Deck library page. If you’re unsure, check out the video below.

Framerate limiter

The Steam Deck is a gaming PC that costs $399 and is capable of delivering smooth 30fps gameplay. The new device will have an optional built-in FPS limiter to conserve battery life.

Valve has teased this feature on Twitter, and it is a welcome addition to Steam’s already impressive gaming experience. However, it’s not feature-complete during the initial launch week.

Linux desktop mode

To play Android games on your Steam Deck, you need to know how to enable desktop mode on the device. You can do this by booting your Steam Deck into the desktop mode. You must have a keyboard and mouse connected to your Steam Deck, as well as a USB C Hub and Bluetooth.

You should then press the Windows Button on the Steam Deck to start the Desktop Mode. Now, you need to navigate to the software center (it should be pinned to your task bar).

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