How to Share a YouTube Video Link Directly to Snapchat?


You can now share YouTube videos directly to Snapchat through through the Snapchat camera. The app is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. But, Snapchat is also recommending that you use the service for business.

The video-sharing feature is an important part of the Snapchat experience, especially for those who love to watch videos on the go. However, this is a great way to share your favorite YouTube videos to your friends.


Now, lets quickly see how you can share a YouTube video link directly in your Snap on the Snapchat app.

Image Courtesy: Snapchat

How to Share a YouTube Video Link to Snapchat?

Simply follow the steps below to share a YouTube video link directly to Snapchat.

  1. Open the YouTube app and select a video to watch
  2. Tap “Share,” and then tap the “Snapchat” icon to automatically jump to the Snapchat Camera
  3. From there, create an original Snap with the automated YouTube sticker, and layer on using any of our creative tools
  4. To watch the shared video link, all your friends need to do is tap the YouTube Sticker to view the video in their YouTube app or default mobile browser, that’s it.
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Rizwan Ahmad

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