Apex Legends Mobile

When you are playing Apex Legend Mobile, one of the best settings you can adjust is the game’s 4-finger claw settings. By using this sensitivity setting, you will be able to better manage and control your finger while shooting. These adjustments should be made only after consulting with an expert.

However, if you want to be an expert player, you must follow the following instructions: Once you have installed the game’s newest version, open the controls section and type the code into the search box. Click “Use” to use your new layout.

Apex Legend Mobile 4 Finger Claw Settings.

Go to “Control Settings” in Apex Legends Mobile and click on “Custom Layout”.

  • Fire Button: Set Size and Alpha to its max percentage.
  • Movement Button: Set Size 85% and Alpha 100% respectively.
  • Jump Button: Set Size 161% and Alpha 100% respectively.
  • Crouch Button: Set Size 155% and Alpha 100% respectively.
  • ADS Button: Set Size 166% and Alpha to 100% respectively.
  • Melee Button: Set Size 186% and Alpha to 100% respectively.
  • Scope Button: Set Size and Alpha to 68% and 100% respectively.

When playing Apex Legends on mobile, you can also change the game’s control settings. The first step is to change the control layout to accommodate a multi-finger setup. This is most effective for new players, as it lets you easily switch between actions without having to switch your hand.

You can also change your video settings to make the game look better. For example, you can change the brightness of your screen to make it easier to play.

Changing the keyboard’s sensitivity is also an important way to increase speed and accuracy. You can choose a higher sensitivity if you are playing in close combat. You can try the most common settings for your game by checking out the tutorial.

Also, check out the minimum requirements to play Apex Legends Mobile and the best graphics settings on Android device.


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