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Apex Legends Mobile

There are several options available to gamers who want to maximize the graphics quality in Apex Legends Mobile. These graphics settings include setting display mode to full screen, anti-aliasing to TSAA, and texture streaming budget to high. However, there are some settings that you should not use. These settings can lead to blurry visuals and may not be optimal for your device. In this article, we will take a look at the best graphics settings for the game.

Best Graphics Settings for Apex Legends Mobile 

The most important thing to do is optimize your graphics and framerate for a good FPS in Apex Legends. There is a fine balance between the two. You can adjust these settings by changing the Frame rate control settings. We recommend you to go with the balanced framerate settings or you can also try the High framerate settings.


We recommend lowering the settings in the Advanced tab. You can use these settings to improve your FPS in Apex Legends Mobile. You can also set the quality of your game’s graphics by using different resolutions, from HD to Original.

You can also try out the 4 graphic styles given in the graphics settings tab, which you can choose from – Realistic, Soft, Vivid, and Classic graphic styles. Try out each Style one by one and see what’s suits you best and pick that setting.

The model detail and effect detail settings are critical to your game’s visuals. Model detail adjusts the sharpness of moving objects and in-game characters.

The Effect Detail setting is focused on visuals, but playing with a high Effect Detail setting will cause extra load on your PC. The Impact Marks setting is an optional one, but it will enhance the accuracy of bullet impacts on walls. It is best to leave this setting on low.

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