DBD Roots of Dread DLC: All You Need to Know

Roots of Dread DLC

DBD Roots of Dread DLC is coming, but what exactly is it? This article will answer these questions and much more. We will look at the new Survivor and Killer characters in the DLC, as well as the release date for the new DLC. We will also take a look at the new Realm created by The Entity, the mysterious being that has been haunting the world for many years.

DBD Roots of Dread DLC Release Date

Dead by Daylight will soon get a new DLC, called Roots of Dread. The new DLC is set for release on June 7, 2022. It will introduce new characters and a new killer, dubbed the Dredge.


In a recent livestream, the developers revealed the upcoming character “The Dredge.” This new, apocalyptic creature is inhuman and emotionless, and is a manifestation of the dark.

The DBD Roots of Dread DLC will be released on June 7 for PC gamers. It will contain four new chapters and two new maps. The new content will also bring balancing changes to the game.

The team based these changes on player feedback, internal user testing, and social media feedback. The new content is meant to inspire veterans to adapt their playstyles and try new tactics. The game will be available on both Xbox One and PC.

DBD Roots of Dread New Killer

The newest Chapter in Dead by Daylight will be called Roots of Dread and will be out on June 7, 2022. It will feature a new Survivor named Haddie Kaur and a new killer called the Dredge.

The new killer will be a Boogeyman-inspired manifestation of darkness. This new character will ambush survivors and can teleport through in-game lockers.

This gives her an interesting dual background. She will have psychic abilities and will be able to see “bleeds” between worlds. Haddie will have some special powers, and her unique power will feed into the gameplay.

Dead By Daylight
Roots of Dread New Killer & Survivor

DBD Roots of Dread New Survivor

Dead By Daylight Chapter 24: Roots of Dread reveals the new Survivor, Killer, and Realm! The DLC will feature a new playable survivor, Haddie Kaur, who is from Quebec and has a deep history in the Resident Evil franchise.

This new chapter was revealed during the game’s 6th anniversary stream, and you can check out all the details below!

This chapter also introduces new Perks and abilities for the player. Below are the most important things you need to know about the new chapter.

First, it’s worth pointing out that the new chapter is already in the Public Test Build for PC. It will be available on June 7, and you can try it out there!

The update will be available on all platforms starting June 7! Don’t forget to visit the Epic Games Store to get your hands on the new content. There are tons of new Survivors, new weapons, and more!

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