The long-running partnership between EA and soccer giant FIFA has finally come to an end. EA and FIFA officially ending their partnership and FIFA will now be called EA SPORTS FC. The two companies will no longer work together as the soccer game publisher FIFA wants to double the amount of money they pay to EA each year. This move is bad news for both companies. It could also mean a new name for the FIFA football games.

In the past, the FIFA series was called FIFA, but that changed when the companies signed a new deal to make the games more accessible to fans.

The two companies previously had a lucrative partnership, but FIFA wanted more money and the rights to use the World Cup name. These requests made EA consider ending the partnership last year. While the new deal hasn’t been finalized, EA plans to continue publishing the FIFA series under a different name.

The future of the FIFA series is now in doubt, but there’s good news for fans of both companies. If EA doesn’t make new FIFA games, it’s likely to end its partnership with FIFA.

The deal with FIFA had been set to end after the World Cup in Qatar, but it was extended to include the Women’s World Cup. The deal also means that over 150 million people who play FIFA will have to find new ways to play the game.

Although it will no longer include FIFA-controlled events, EA will still allow players to play the world’s most popular clubs. It’s unclear what will happen to the FIFA video games after the World Cup, but EA claims it’ll continue to invest in the sport in some way.


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