Insurgency Sandstorm Operation Glasshouse Release Date

Operation Glasshouse

The Insurgency Operation Glasshouse release date is near! The next major update in the game has been announced, and it will be set in a prison! Operation Glasshouse will be available in the game with the upcoming Insurgency Sandstorm update version 1.12. You can expect new weapons and skins, as well as a Turkish text overrun.

If you’re excited about this new Glasshouse update then keep an eye out for its release date! You can read more about it below. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments in the game!


Insurgency Sandstorm Operation Glasshouse Release Date

It’s hard to say when the new map Operation: Glasshouse update will arrive in Insurgency: Sandstorm. But the next big update is definitely coming soon, and it looks to be set in a prison. The developer has even set up a dedicated website for the new update revealing new map prison, new weapons, skins and free DLC called Detainer and Captive.

What’s Included in the Insurgency Sandstorm Operation Glasshouse Update?

The official Operation: Glasshouse website has so far revealed the following new contents which will be available in the game:

New Map

  • Prison

New Weapons

  • KSG
  • KS-23


  • Detainer
  • Captive

Paid DLC

  • S.O.R.T.

New Skin


The Operation: Glasshouse update release date is not yet known, we will keep an eye on the release date and will update this post when the official Operation: Glasshouse release date will be announced, so stay tuned.

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