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If you are using an on-premises ERP system, whether it is one of the previous products of Microsoft or software offered by another company, switching to a cloud-based option will expand opportunities for your business. This article will show you the benefits you can get with the cloud technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

No Costs Associated with Server Infrastructure

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a cloud-based system is not generating costs related to the creation, maintenance and security of servers typical for on-premises ERP systems.

Servers are hosted in a separate place with the highest level of protection and a stable power supply. While installment of servers is itself costly, real expenses are even greater since you have to employ technical experts for server maintenance. Depending on your organization and its location, the annual total of money spent on hosting servers can overcome thirty thousand dollars. Using the services of external companies is usually even more expensive.

Effective Integration and Updating

Since on-premises ERP systems have to be installed on all of the devices used by your employees separately, it also means updating has to be performed individually on every machine. This can cause serious disruptions in business processes especially in large companies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will update the system on all of the devices without any external assistance.

Furthermore, the cloud technology makes it easier to integrate an ERP system with other products. That is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be connected to a larger variety of tools than its predecessor, Microsoft Dynamics AX. The list of the products that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes not only standard ones such as Office 365 but also Power BI with its artificial intelligence solutions as well as the apps of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Perfect for Global Companies

One more crucial advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its high scalability. Using a cloud-based cross-platform system that can be reached directly through a browser is a better solution than relying on on-premises software in the case of large international companies with a complex dispersed structure.

Actually, despite all of the great features of Microsoft Dynamics AX, this ERP system has rather limited usability when it comes to global organizations.

Enhanced Security

Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 will also provide your data with a way better security than the one offered by on-premises software. With a cloud-based ERP system, you will not have to protect your servers against physical dangers whether they are coming from people with malicious intents or from various types of disasters such as floods and fires.

Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is equipped with the Azure cybersecurity technology which is one of  the best options available on the market. On top of that, Azure will support you with efficient backing-up processes.

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