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In our previous post, we talked about how to enable Aim Assist and how to enable Left-Handed mode in the Far Cry 6 game. Today, I will be talking about all the Guerilla Camps available in Far Cry 6 and how to build Camp Facilities in each Guerilla Camps. So, without any further ado let’s dive in.

How many Guerrilla Camps are three in Far Cry 6?

There are three Guerrilla Camps for you to unlock and upgrade in Far Cry 6. In each Guerrilla Camps, you can build two Camp Facilities. To access all camp facilities, you will need to unlock all three Guerrilla Camps as soon as possible by traveling through the open world of Yara.

Guerrilla Camps

You can also unlock the Wingsuit fast in Far Cry 6 by building a Hideout Network at any Guerrilla Camp and fully upgrading it. A Hideout Network is a secret Network of Guerrilla Hideouts that spread throughout Yara.

Hideout Network

Building a Hideout Network in camp facilities will also unlock the air drop fast travel option and you can also use a Hideout Network to purchase the hideouts locations map for fast travel point that will help you find new Guerrilla hideouts locations across the open world of Yara. This will also allow you to get around faster in Yara.

Hideout location
Hideout location Map

How to Build and Upgrade Camp Facilities in Far Cry 6

To build Camp Facilities:

  • Reach to any Guerrilla Camps
  • Approach the Foreman in your camp.
  • Hold down the Talk to the Foreman button.
  • Select an empty facility tile.
  • Pick a Camp Facility to build.
  • Hold down the Build button.

Camp Facilities

Now, after you successfully build your first camp facilities, you see there are six different facilities you can access and upgrade throughout the game. Camp facilities include the following facilities:

  • Hideout Network
  • Guerrilla Garrison
  • Fishing Hut
  • LA Cantina
  • Bandidos Barracks
  • Hunter’s Lodge

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