With Fortnite’s recent Season 3 update, a new biome called Reality Falls is added to the map. You can also find a new host of weapons, but the first-person mode is still absent. HYPEX, a Fortnite leaker and data miner, tweeted that Epic Games is working on a first-person camera mode for the game. However, this rumor may not be true.

We may not know exactly what to expect in the new mode, but we can speculate that it might be a limited-time mode or part of the Creative mode. If so, Epic Games is likely testing a first-person mode as part of this limited-time mode.

But we have to be patient and wait for official confirmation. First-person mode has been a popular feature in Fortnite and could be added to the game’s lineup in the future.

Added first-person mode to Fortnite? It’s unlikely, but it’s possible. It’s worth noting that the no-build mode was first introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

However, this doesn’t mean that Epic Games has no plans to add this feature to the game anytime soon. While it’s unknown if this new mode will feature a first-person perspective, it may not be too far off.

We should also know if the first-person mode will be optional or not. While there’s no guarantee it will ever be added, we can expect it to be integrated into the story mode, as most people find it more fun and exciting than the third-person perspective.

The first-person mode is also likely to be available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, but it’s unlikely to be a standalone mode.

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