Battle Hub Modes

If you’re one of those who like to play games without the traditional rules, Street Fighter 6 may be right for you. The game recently announced featuring the new trailer during the Sony’s State of Play broadcast. Among the several details revealed about the game. Capcom also announced that the Street Fighter 6 will feature two new modes to its roster: World Tour and Battle Hub.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour and Battle Hub Modes

The World Tour is a single player story mode where you can leave a legacy for future Street Fighter 6 players. The latter, meanwhile, will be an online lobby where players can compete in battles with others.

The World Tour mode is a single-player, immersive story mode. It looks like a fast-paced version of the Yakuza games, with action scenes taking place in the streets of Metro City. The trailer features the player character, dressed in a dark blue hoodie, exploring the city. He meets other fighters and breaks barrels.

Both modes will have new forms of communication, such as voice chat. The game is expected to feature commentary throughout the story, which will enhance the storytelling experience.

The Drive System allows players to perform five different techniques. Drive Reversal, for example, can counterattack and parry an attack. Drive Impact, a counterattack like Focus Attack, absorbs an opponent’s attack.

Moreover, players can unlock Overdrive Arts, which act like special moves. The latter is a kind of EX Move that powers up Special Moves. These features give Street Fighter 6 an edge over other fighting games.

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