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Google Assistant, in addition to performing minor digital tasks, can keep you entertained in ways you never imagined. The Google Assistant is a perfect rival to Siri and Cortana. However, Google AsSsistant has more users than any other virtual assistant program just because Android is such a reputable OS. You may access your daily alarms, text messages, weather updates, jokes, poetry, web searching, and much more by simply giving a few commands to keep you at ease.

It’s easy to wake up your assistant just by saying “Ok Google!” or “Hey Google!” Then say a command and wait for a meaningful response. As compared to 2016, when it launched, commands and features are revolted to another level. Let’s get familiar with a few of the best Google Assistant commands that you can use to improve your experience. You’ll have to hold your home icon on your smartphone to wake up Google Assistant if it’s not running in the background.

Use of Commands

Commands are used to let the Google Assistant catch your thoughts and find some results for you. Ok not completely you can type the command if you don’t want to speak. Set your voice match and you can access Google assistant even when your screen is locked.

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Best Google Assistant commands in 2022

There are many commands, but only a few are regarded as being really useful and are used more frequently than others. Let’s explore and find out what they are.

1: Open app command

If you are a little bit far from your phone or your phone is in your pocket, try to say, “Ok Google, open YouTube and play songs.” The Google Assistant will recognize your voice and will open YouTube. The fascinating thing is that it will play songs that are about your interests or take into consideration your listening activity.

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 2: Get suggestions or advice

When you’re puzzled, you can ask anything to Google Assistant. Like, “what should I eat?” or “where should I go for an outing”. It will quickly show you the results so you can make your choice.

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3: Send direct messages or make calls

Just say “send a text message to Joseph” or “call to Joseph”. The assistant will ask you for the message you want to send. After that, it will ask again if you are ready to send it. As it is, your calls will be made directly just by saying the command.

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4: Do something for you

If you ever feel blue, just wake up Google Assistant and say “sing for me.” It will completely vanish your sadness. You can ask for other things also, like “rap for me” or “tell me a joke”. It is really good at this stuff.

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5: Hear some good or bad news

If you are feeling boor now, go ahead and ask Google Assistant to “tell me something good.” It will share some good news from around the world that might vanish your boredom. You can also ask about something bad, weird, or especially scary to have a full horror story.

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These are the most used commands in 2022 on Google Assistant. Sometimes, if this virtual assistant doesn’t recognize anything, it will share the top results from the web. Then you’ll just have to say it in alternative words or leave feedback.

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The Conclusions

By saying commands, you can access Google Assistant. Ask for something good or bad, open your apps, or make calls and send messages. These are the things that can happen just after one call to Google Assistant.


 Q1: Can we open Google Assistant on a lock screen?

Yes, why not? Open Google Assistant settings and enable the “assistant responses on lock screen” option to do it.

Q2: Can I control my whole device with Google Assistant?

No, you can’t. You can try Google Voice Access instead of it.

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