Hitman 3 New Ambrose Island Location is Now Available with July Patch 3.120

Ambrose Island

The HITMAN 3 free DLC content, Ambrose Island, is now available for players to download with the latest HITMAN 3 July Patch 3.120. The tropical island will feature a rebel outcast, a dangerous pirate syndicate, and a hidden cove. There will also be new targets, challenges, and rewards. The new Ambrose Island is located north from the Strait of Malacca.

Players will be able to discover new challenges, unlockable rewards, and Elusive Targets on the island. The new locale will be fully explorable, and you’ll be able to tackle more dangerous missions that aren’t as easy as before.


The new Ambrose Island location in Hitman 3 is a new addition to the world of Assassination. It will fill in the narrative beats that were left in the game’s previous installments. Ambrose Island will also add new contracts for players. The addition of this location to the Hitman series will help flesh out the character of Agent 47.

The new Ambrose Island location is loaded with new challenges and new characters. Players will be challenged to use a variety of new weapons and techniques to defeat their enemies.

The new location is also loaded with two brand new targets Noel Crest and Akka and gameplay opportunities. There is no cost for the new DLC, and you can even get a free Guerrilla Wetsuit if you already own Hitman 3.

How to Get the new Ambrose Island Location?

The new Ambrose Island Location is available now as free DLC content. Since the new location is available in the Hitman 3 July patch, players will only need to update their game with the latest patch and the new location will be available to them.

The new Ambrose Island is also available for free for players who have an active Game Pass subscription and HITMAN 3 game.

Additionally, players will also be able to play the new Ambrose Island Location with full RayTracing support on PC as well as play in Virtual Reality – with support for both PS VR and PC VR. Also, the Contracts Mode is fully supported now, which you can use to create your own missions to challenge your friends.

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