Risk of Rain 2: How to Find the Celestial Portal

Celestial Portal

The Celestial Portal is a secret passage in Risk of Rain 2 that teleports players to an exotic world called A Moment, Fractured. Once found, this world offers an unlocked powerful character and a lot of other possibilities. It can also take you to extraterrestrial missions. So, what is Celestial Portal, and how to find it in the RoR2 game? We’ll explain below.

What Is Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2

First of all, what is the Celestial Portal? It’s the secret passageway that takes you to A Moment, Fractured, the second most important realm in the game. To reach the Celestial Portal, you must complete certain steps. In addition, you need to go through an event called the Artifact Gate. This event will give you a special item that can be used to get the Celestial Portal.


How To Find Celestial Portal In Risk of Rain 2

To find the celestial portal in Risk of Rain 2, you have to explore hidden areas. Some portals spawn in random locations, so it’s important to interact with them to find the right one. Once inside, you’ll find the Celestial Portal, a doorway into an alternate dimension known as the Hidden Realm. Once you’ve found the portal, you’ll have to contact a mysterious strong figure to progress.

The Celestial Portal is a secret passage that teleports you to a hidden world called A Moment, Fractured. This secret area is not accessible from the game’s main stages.

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If you want to unlock this area, you must complete a Teleporter task and obtain a Celestial Orb. Fortunately, there are several ways to find the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2.

First of all, you must know how to find the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2. Unlike other portals, you can only access it once you have completed a level or completed a loop.

There are five environments in the game. The Celestial Portal appears on the third of them. If you’re playing through the game, you’ll have to complete all five levels before you can access it.

How to Loop & Reach A Moment Fractured in Risk of Rain 2

If you’re having trouble looping and reaching A Moment Fractured in Risk of Rain 2, here are some tips to help you. First of all, you need to know that this level is very hard. To avoid getting stuck in this level, use the Huntress’ dash ability.

This way, you can reach A Moment Fractured as quickly as possible. Then, you can reach a Celestial Portal that’ll unlock a Mercenary and five Lunar Coins.

The Obliterate ending is the easiest to achieve, but relies heavily on randomness. If you’re unfamiliar with looping, you’ll need to interact with the exterior of a portal in Sky Meadow. This portal will teleport you back to your first environment.

However, the Teleporter can now generate Celestial portals and Purple Orbs randomly. Lastly, there are two new ways to get to A Moment Fractured in Risk of Rain 2.

First, you need to use a special item called Dio’s Best Friend. This item will restore your health after dying, but will be destroyed during the resurrection process.

Alternatively, you can use a corrupted version of the Gup to transform all items in your inventory into Gips. Once you’ve mastered the art of using the Gup, you can then try to slay Mythrix.

How To Access Or Open Celestial Portal

To access the Celestial Portal, players must reach the third stage of the game. Once they complete the teleportation, a celestial globe will appear on the scene. The player has to teleport to the portal with the help of their yellow items.


The Celestial Portal is a part of the Hidden Realm in The Risk Of Rain 2. Located in the midst of the game’s enigmatic world, this portal allows players to travel through various dimensions. During the game’s progression, players must interact with the portals that appear as they progress. Each portal will lead players to different areas.

It allows players to access the extraterrestrial missions and planets. The Celestial Portal allows players to teleport to hidden realms and even reach floating islands.

The game’s ending offers a grand finale to the game’s campaign, so players should prepare to spend plenty of time on it. There are several ways to unlock the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2.

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