Stray: How to Find Clementine’s Location

In this Stay game guide, we will look in detail at how to find Clementine’s Location.


Stray-cat-adventure gameplay is doing wonders by becoming a huge success on steam. Who knows, we might witness a barrage of cat games in the coming future. Annapurna’s recent release shows a stray orange kitty carrying a backpack and discovering a neon-lit, booming cyberpunk city.

Hold on there, do you know stray has broken the concurrent player record on steam as well. All credits go to its incredible graphics, far-out concepts and intriguing animation. Don’t miss out on the trailer if you crave real insight into it.


Many enjoy this adventurous game’s action sequence on PC or PlayStation. As you level up, you take help from robots named outsiders. 

Are you stuck on finding the last outsider-clementine? Well, it can be a little awkward and difficult. But guess what; we’ve got the quick gide to make it possible for you. Keep reading this guide to find Clementine’s location, and thank us later.

Clementine’s Location in Stray

To find the last outsider, you can take clues from the photograph provided by Zbaltazar. When you closely look at the back of it, you’ll find blue symbol and dots. Once you reach midtown, use these helpful clues to locate clementine. We are sharing a detailed guide; follow these steps.

Clementine’s Location

  • After reaching midtown, there’s a blue symbol adjacent to the neon red-coloured arrow signal.
  • The three green dots on the picture mean you have to go to the third floor. While the five red signs mean its exact location is in apartment 5.
  • Now enter to residences area of midtown and climb stairs to reach the third floor.
  • On the third floor, you will notice a small gap next to a danger tape-sealed door.
  • You will also notice a symbol beside small gaps representing three green and five red dots.
  • After passing through this gap, you can meet Clementine. Then this robot will further give some hunts to finish.

Hopefully, you finally found the exact location of Clementine and enjoyed the next hunts. Let us tell in the comment section how helpful this guide is for you.

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