AMD B650E Extreme Motherboard Chipset Confirmed


AMD has confirmed that they are making the B650E motherboard chipset. This chipset is expected to support PCIe Gen5 and will be compatible with the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU. It will also have support for graphics cards and storage devices. Several leaks have pointed towards this motherboard. The new motherboard is expected to launch in October.

The B650E chipset has the Promontory 21 architecture, which is meant to reduce the number of lanes on the motherboard. This chip will also be compatible with DDR5 memory. As the motherboard chipset is aimed at enthusiast ITX boards, AMD may restrict the number of SKUs available. As a result, the AMD B650E motherboard chipset may be quite expensive.


AMD motherboards that feature the B650E chipset will have a better PCB quality than the X670E. The higher-end ‘E’ series will also have more powerful PCBs, with extreme signal strength for the PCIe Gen 5.0 protocol.

These factors will help explain the difference in price and tier. In addition, AMD has announced SmartAccess Storage technology, which adds GPU decompression for Microsoft DirectStorage enabled games. The company has also said that its 600-series motherboards will support this technology.

Image Courtesy: wxnod Twitter.

Despite all these features, it was still not clear if AMD will support overclocking with the B650E motherboard chipset. AMD did not mention this in its marketing slides, although it did say that both the B650E and the B650 will be able to support it.

AMD also confirmed that the B650E Extreme motherboard chipset will support PCIe Gen 5 graphics cards. AMD has also added PCIe Gen 5 drivers to the B650E motherboard chipset. This requires extra space on the motherboard PCB.

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