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The latest 3.1 update patch to Genshin Impact will introduce three new characters to the game, including Cyno, Nilou, and Candace. Cyno will be a five-star character and Nilou and Candace will be four-star characters.

The three have been rumored to be joining the playable roster for some time. While her role in the official manga is unclear, she is described as a mysterious scholar with the ability to control the Electro element.

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Several players have speculated that the featured five-star will be a new character from the Sumeru region. However, there are no details about the character’s stats. However, based on the time it’s been since she was last featured, it seems likely to be Childe.


The other rumor is that the featured weapon will be a character-related weapon. In other words, the new characters are a way to reward players for their hard work.

The name of the new character is unknown but leaks have suggested that he’ll be the opposite of Eula. The new character’s constellation has yet to be revealed. However, fans have begun making fanarts of him. While no official information on his origin is available, a popular leaker has stated that he is a 4-Star Dendro bow user.

Image Courtesy: Teyvat Tabloid – LEAKS & MEMES on Twitter

Similarly, the new character may be related to the expedition of Varka. Regardless of what’s going to happen in the future, fans should prepare themselves for more surprises. There are also some rumors that the new character will bring in some lore from the Sumeru.

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Besides the new characters, the game will also expand the Tevyat realm. The new Archon of Sumeru, Kusanali, is a Dendro Archon God of Wisdom. He’s related to Nahida, which has been confirmed by a leaker known as BLANK. The new character is also related to Xiao and may have Cryo vision.

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