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Online Education has been around for over 10 years, however, it has popularized even more in the last couple of years. The unexpected changes that we experienced lately made the teachers, students and institutes give increased attention to this technique and made them realize how much simpler, more accessible and convenient it made things. And that is precisely what made us all intrigued and keen about seeing the benefits of e-learning over the traditional method, thus urging us to adopt this innovative way to study and learn over the internet.

And that leads us to our topic of the hour: how online education is changing the way students learn today!   

Positive Impacts on Online Education 

One cannot deny the fact that everything has its share of pros and cons. But online education outweighs its cons with its multiple benefits, thus urging students to opt for this change in their way of learning.

Online education changes the way one learns by making things a lot more accessible, time-saving, convenient etc. Some of the positive impacts that bring about these changes for students are:

  • One needn’t miss a class due to illness or fatigue, for it’s all via the net.
  • Traveling to the institute mostly takes up a lot of time, hence leaving one with less energy and time in hand to do anything else.
  • If the class is interesting they always have the choice to binge-learn instead of waiting until the next day.
  • Needn’t go around the campus to look for your tutor if you have doubts, all you have to do is get in touch with them via the doubt forum that the coaching class management software you choose offers. Or through their given contact details. 
  • One can also pause and research the topic a little more on other tools, or rewind and rewatch for revision. 
  • Most online tutors also add notes, recorded sessions, and more apart from the live classes that they conduct. In this way, a student needn’t opt for a substitute tutor’s notes or coaching for any extra help.
  • In this way too one can work in pairs or groups and carry out a collaborative study.
  • And lastly, you needn’t restrict yourself to the syllabus. You could choose from a variety of topics that the online learning platform has to offer and keep learning!       

Future of online education

The ease that we witness it provides us with inclines us to this mode. And the progress in past years only testifies that there sure is a future for this change. As per the Times of India, “though this change has only recently made its mark on K-12 education, since 1997 more than 20 million students have studied online”.

And undeniably this number has only grown. Thus, proving to us that online education is nothing new, but has grown significantly lately and continues to grow and get better today. 

And the fact that as per a survey 43% of students say that online learning is better than offline, and only 15% say otherwise inclines us more towards its growth. Furthermore, also states that students who learn online have lately outperformed their peers. 

Along With this growing acceptance by students and parents, we have also witnessed how the government has accepted it too and is working towards enhancing the mediums. 

Now, the only challenge that actually remains is for a student/ teacher to choose the right online learning/ teaching platform for themselves. And if you too are stuck with the same problem, we would suggest you check out the Winuall app. This SaaS platform is home to lots of courses and tutors and gives you the right platform to both teach and learn.

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