Resident Evil Series Canceled By Netflix

Resident Evil Series

The Resident Evil TV series has been canceled by Netflix after only one season. The show cost over $1 million to make and failed to find a strong audience. It also came out just after Stranger Things 4, which was an immensely popular series. Resident Evil did not have the same popularity and did not earn a top spot in the weekly Netflix charts. Its fate is not unknown; the company is known to cancel shows that do not find a large audience and rarely gives them another chance.

The series received mixed reviews from critics and viewers. Although the series started strong, its popularity dwindled rapidly. It dropped out of the top ten in the third week. Netflix believes the series is too expensive to continue. The company has a new series in the works, but it is not sure when that will happen.


The series premiered on Netflix in October 2017. It followed Sony Pictures’ so-so Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which was released in theaters in November 2018. Resident Evil fans will also get their fix from video games. A new story expansion for the video game, Resident Evil Village, is due out this October, as well as a remake of Resident Evil 4 in early next year.

Despite its positive reviews, Netflix decided not to produce a second season of its live-action adaptation of the popular Resident Evil franchise. The horror show’s debut on the streaming service garnered over 72 million hours of viewing during its first week. The show’s viewership didn’t grow much after that, despite the fact that word-of-mouth often leads to a spike in viewership.

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