Riot Games Confirms Project L (2D Fighting Game) Will Be Free to Play

Project L
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Riot Games, the developer of the popular League of Legends and VALORANT game has confirmed that the second installment of their successful franchise will be free to play. The game has already been known as Project L, but no confirmed date has been announced yet. Hopefully, this will help Project L gain more community support. We will find out more about Project L soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details about the game.

While Riot’s developers are still working on the fighting gameplay for the game, they aren’t afraid to state that the game is a long way from release.


Today, Tom Cannon the Senior Director and EP for Project L, a fighting game shared a small update about Project L, what’s new with the dev team, and a glimpse at an upcoming champion. In any case, the game’s release date is far from certain. Riot is making every effort to keep fans informed as soon as there’s big news.

YouTube video

While there’s a small fee for the game, it would be well worth it for fans to support it and build their community. The developer’s marketing efforts could have a huge impact on the amount of community the game will attract.

Project L could have as many as millions of players if it is free to play. The developers have plenty of time to create content for Project L, including content from EVO founders Justin Wong and other luminaries.

The development team has yet to unveil the game’s control scheme, but the reintroduction video showcased the mapped buttons for moves. This suggests that Project L is taking a step away from complex direction motions and making input more simple by simply pushing one button.

This approach makes attack execution easier and leaves room for character complexity. With these new features, Project L should be a great game for fans of the genre.

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