Project Slayers Yahaba

Looking for a place to meet the late-game boss Yahaba in Roblox Project Slayers? We’ve compiled a guide to find his location, along with tips on how to defeat him and get a Tier 2 Chest! Read on to discover what you need to know to complete Yahaba’s quests! We also explain which items he drops, including a rare Arrow Spike.

How and Where to Find Yahaba in Roblox Project Slayers

The location of Yahaba is found in Ouwbayashi. You need to have a map to navigate to this boss. You can unlock map points by purchasing them with Robux or 1,200 Wen. A horse guy can also help you fast-travel to places you do not have yet. Once you have the map, talk to the horse guy to find a map point where you can find Yahaba.


Although a late-game boss, Yahaba can be a difficult enemy to defeat without the right skills. Despite his high difficulty level, Yahaba drops great loot for players who are looking to level up. You have a 10% chance of obtaining a rare ability arrowhead or a Tier 2 chest containing an uncommon ability. It is also possible to collect 10% of his arrowheads.

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He drops a Tier 2 Chest

There are two ways to get a T2 chest from the endgame boss, Yahaba. You can either find him in the Ouwbayashi mansion, which is north of Jinger’s Home and west of Butterfly Mansion. Alternatively, you can use fast travel to get there from another area. You can also use a red arrow compass to get to his location.

Another way to get a Tier 2 chest is to defeat the Demon Bosses. These are tougher to beat, and they also use the new Blood Demon Art move. To find the bosses, use the first one, Sabito. You can also find the bosses Sasumaru, Giyuu, and Yahaba in Ushumaru Village.

He has a chance of dropping Arrow Spikes

One of the late game bosses in Roblox Project Slayers is Yahaba. While he’s difficult to kill, he can grant you great loot. If you defeat Yahaba in the correct way, he can drop a Tier 2 Chest and a rare Arrow Spikes. These are the final moves you’ll need to learn in order to complete the arrow blood demon art.

To get these weapons, you’ll have to kill Yahaba as often as you can, and you need to defeat him as often as possible. You can also get a chance of dropping Arrow Spikes by killing Yahaba, a monster that spawns every 15 minutes. The higher Yahaba drops Arrow Spikes, the better. It’s possible to get more than one of them by killing Yahaba with your team.

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He has a chance of dropping a Tier 2 Chest

The late-game boss Yahaba can be difficult to take down, but he can drop some nice loot, including a Tier 2 Chest. Not only does he drop a Tier 2 Chest, but you can also get some rare ability arrowheads, which are valuable weapons. A 10% chance of dropping a Tier 2 Chest means that you’ve beaten a boss with excellent loot!

The game features a diverse roster of clothes, including the extremely useful Straw Hat. This useful item will drop from chests, and this guide will show you how to get the best chance of obtaining it. You’ll need to beat Yahaba to get it, and here are some tips and tricks to make this happen:

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