Snapchat+ Now Available in India With a Rs. 49/Month Subscription Plan


If you haven’t yet heard about Snapchat+, you’ve come to the right place. The popular social networking app is expanding its services to India, where its user base stands at over 100 million. Now, you can pay a subscription to Snapchat+ to unlock exclusive, pre-release and experimental features. Subscriptions will cost Rs 49 per month and also give you access to new video-calling features. In addition, the app now allows you to use the web version of the service, which is convenient for those of you who prefer to do their own chatting online.

While Snapchat+ is already available in North America, the United Kingdom, and Canada, the new service will cost INR 49 per month in India. Interestingly, Snap Inc. made $5 million from this service in its first month.


Its new subscription plans are aimed at bringing in more revenue for the company, which is struggling with a lack of growth globally. While Snapchat understands that India is a price-conscious market, it is likely to attract new users in this country by introducing a new, premium product.

Among the new features of Snapchat+ are dynamic stories and exclusive content. Snap has announced that it will charge Rs. 49 per month for the new feature, which is available only in India.

As a premium feature, the app also offers other features such as altering your app’s icon, knowing how many of your friends rewatched your stories, and following the general directions of your friends. Even though the paid version is limited to select regions, it offers an impressive range of features for the price of 49 rupees.

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