Pinch to Zoom

YouTube is testing a new feature that lets users zoom in on videos by pinching the video screen. Users can now zoom in up to eight times. The feature will only be available to premium subscribers until September 1st. If you want to try out this new feature, you can do so from the premium section of the YouTube app. The feature is aimed at improving the viewing experience on phones with 21:9 and 18:9 aspect ratios.

The new zoom feature is available on the premium version of the YouTube app, but you’ll need to be a Premium member to use it. It’s an opt-in feature that will be limited to Premium subscribers until September 1.

Pinch to Zoom
Image Courtesy: Cyberockk

However, you can sign up for YouTube Premium to test this new feature and enjoy all the benefits. You can do this by visiting the link below. It will cost you $1.99 a month, but it will be well worth the money.

The new feature is not available for free, but you can sign up for a Premium account to access it. It includes a subscription to YouTube Music and offline video downloads. You also get early access to new features, including Pinch to Zoom.

You can also test them out before anyone else. This new feature is a great way to get more out of YouTube. You’ll be able to see the video frame by frame and zoom into it, which will allow you to watch the entire thing at once.

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