What is Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is an interactive feature that is exclusive to Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro lineup. It works like a news ticker, providing information about your iPhone as you do various things with it. While you can tap to activate it, you can also long-press it to open the widget.

What is Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is a new design element that combines a notification bar and contextual phone call menu within the black cutout. It’s a nice idea, and it looks pretty compelling. Unlike the old notch, which was essentially the notch, Dynamic Island has been designed to be narrower and lower in the screen.


It enables users to control multiple activities in the background without having to leave any app. Users can play music, read e-books, and control several other activities without ever having to leave their current task. It also makes it easier to multitask.

Dynamic Island is a neat feature that Apple introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro series. It’s a small contextual box that pops up in black and displays different information. Some of the information it provides is DND mode, music information, battery life of AirPods, and sports scores. The animations used are smooth and fluid.

Dynamic Island Feature

It’s a unique feature that turns an otherwise-disappearing area into a notification center. It uses the notch to resize the black area and includes more information. The black area also acts as a dedicated notification area for various functions.

Instead of having the typical notch on the front, the pill-shaped notch now contains the front-facing camera and the top speaker. The pill-shaped notch also brings notifications to the streamlined display.

Dynamic Island Feature

The iPhone 14 Pro’s notch design and new A16 Bionic chip is one of the things that make it so unique. The A16 Bionic chip delivers all-day battery life and impressive computational photography capabilities. The chip features a 6-core CPU, which is 40% faster than the competition, an accelerated GPU with 50 percent more memory bandwidth, and an all-new 16-core Neural Engine, which can perform nearly 17 trillion operations per second.

Apple’s Dynamic Island is a clever fusion of engineering, design, and hardware. This new feature is sure to become a popular addition to Android phones. It also gives developers a new option for making their apps. Regardless of how you use it, the iPhone 14 Pro will keep making the iPhone experience better.


The new iPhone 14 Pro price starts from Rs. 1,29,900, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max price starts from Rs. 1,39,900.

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