PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Rewards and Digital Collectibles Revealed

PlayStation Stars

Sony back in July this year announced a new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars. This program rewards users for in-game achievements and downloadable content, and it is completely free to sign up. Members can redeem their loyalty points for digital collectibles and PSN Wallet top-ups. However, the full list of rewards has not yet been announced.

PlayStation Stars members will earn loyalty points every time they purchase a game from the PlayStation Store. These points can be redeemed for PSN wallet funds, or even PlayStation Store items. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also automatically earn loyalty points when they make purchases on the PlayStation Store. These points can be used toward future purchases, like PlayStation Plus games.


PlayStation Stars Digital Collectibles

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program offers digital collectibles based on popular PlayStation products. These products include rare collectibles and ultra-rare collectibles including Ape Escape 2, PlayStation 3, PocketStation, Toro and Kuro celebrating a birthday, Chord Machine, and Polygon Man.

Members can also earn digital collectibles such as digital versions of video game characters, Sony products, and other items. Members can also earn Platinum, which is a high level of achievement in the PlayStation world.

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program is free to join. Sony is rolling out the program later this year. The program is expected to roll out in different regions of the world. Sony has not yet given a specific date for its launch, but has revealed that it will be available later this year.

PlayStation Stars is free to join, and it will be free to participate in. It is unclear when PlayStation Stars will begin to offer rewards, but it is a great way to get more value out of your PlayStation games.

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