A new 3-minute of Sonic Frontiers gameplay has been leaked by YouTuber Sonic Paradise leaked, revealing some new features and areas of the game. The leak shows off Boss Fight and Cyber Space areas. It also introduces some new characters and features. Previously, the game was expected to come out during the holiday season, but the timing of the game’s release has been pushed back.

The video also showed a rumored Sonic Frontiers teaser trailer featuring pink-tinted running power and a mysterious glyph. While the rumors have been rampant, the actual video gives fans a better idea of what to expect.

The trailer shows Sonic running through various parts of the world, and it also teases a new vocal theme. It also confirms the 2022 release date for the game. Sega has also confirmed that Sonic Frontiers will be showcased during Gamescom 2022.

The new boss fight is reminiscent of the Starlight Carnival stage. Fans of the Theater series will be familiar with this stage. The new boss fight also appears to feature a strange flying machine that interacts with the Open Zone. While the gameplay isn’t all that exciting, it does show a glimpse of what’s to come.

YouTube video

The new trailer also shows off some of the CGI animations. It also shows off the new Starfall Islands, which confirms rumors of an open world. This game is expected to be the next Sonic game to take on Breath of the Wild.

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