If you’re new to the world of iOS and recently purchased a MacBook, I can only assume that you’re experiencing a lot of difficulties because you’re a new user. The first straightforward issue that people are having is that they can’t figure out how to turn off MacBook Air. But don’t worry, here is the full detailed explanation of how you can turn off your MacBook Air in any condition just by following a few simple steps.

For a few simple reasons, it can be challenging to shut down your MacBook when it has frozen. It takes some time to organize everything and prepare for the shutdown because there are several processes running in the background.

A force shutdown at this moment could be beneficial for you because it will immediately switch off your computer and close any running processes. The steps to turning off your MacBook in any situation are listed below.

How to turn off MacBook Air?

Even though the shutdown process is the same across operating systems, especially on iOS, sometimes it can be confusing to take a new step.

Step 1: To turn off your MacBook simply, tap on the apple icon on the top left corner of your MacBook.

Step 2: It will open a menu in the corner with several options. Select the shutdown option to turn off your MacBook.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear that will ask for confirmation to shut down. Tap again on the shutdown icon to continue.

This is how you can simply shut down your MacBook by following these steps.

How to force shut down a MacBook Air?

If you are using a lot of software on your MacBook Air, it increases the processes in your background, which could cause a freeze on your MacBook. At this time, if you try to shut down your MacBook, it takes so much time to kill the background processes. Follow this step to force shut down your MacBook.

To force shut down your MacBook, you need to hold the power or touch ID button for several seconds, located at the right corner of your Mac’s keyboard. It will take a few seconds and your MacBook will be turned off.

Shortcut to turn off your MacBook

Here is a quick shortcut to turn off your MacBook. It doesn’t matter at which point you are, just press these short keys to instantly shut down your MacBook. Push Command + Cntl + Option + Power button to shut down your MacBook.

The conclusion

If you are a new Mac user who is unsure how to switch off a MacBook Air, follow the steps above. You can easily turn off your MacBook even if it freezes because of excessive memory usage. If your screen is turned black and there are no lights now, it exactly means that your mac is off now.


Q1: Can we shut down the MacBook by long-pressing the power button?

You can, but as it’s a forced shutdown, it could remove your running processes.

Q2: How to turn on MacBook Air?

Hold the power button on the right keyboard corner of your MacBook to turn it on.

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