Terraria Labor of Love 1.4.4 Update Adds 8 New Slime Town Pets


The 1.4.4 update for Terraria released on September 28. It’s the first major release to hit all platforms simultaneously. While the game does not currently support cross-platform play, the team has said in the past that it would love to introduce the feature when feature parity is reached. If this is the case, the Labor of Love update could help pave the way. In the previous version, players could only have one Town Pet – the Town Cat. The new Terraria Labor of Love 1.4.4 update adds 8 (eight) new Town Slimes pets and make them even more adorable.

Blow you can find the list of all eight newly added Slime Town Pets.

  1. Cool Slime
  2. Clumsy Slime
  3. Nerdy Slime
  4. Surly Slime
  5. Elder Slime
  6. Diva Slime
  7. Mystic Slime
  8. Mystic Slime

You can find each slime by searching for their spawn locations. You can also find them in the Space Layer biome. When you spot them, you can pop the balloon to bring them to town.

However, you’ll need to have an active Party in order to attract them. In addition, the Elder Slime can only appear in your town if you’ve unlocked an old Shaking Chest.

The Labor of Love patch also brings several quality-of-life tweaks. Ropes have long been a useful tool in the game, but they haven’t always played nice with other exploration tools.

Fortunately, this problem has been resolved with the Labor of Love patch. Ropes are now more compatible with platforms and cart tracks, making it easier to explore new areas.


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