OxygenOS 13: All New Features and Improvements


The new OxygenOS 13 operating system brings a whole host of new features. For example, it will offer more Always On Displays and an expanded range of customisation options. You can also add an Emoji profile, which turns your phone into a funny cartoon character. The new OxygenOS 13 also adds the ability to use multiple monitors and displays. Now, let’s have a look on all the new OxygenOS 13 features and Improvements in this post below.

New Aquamorphic Design Language


OxygenOS 13 comes with a new design language that OnePlus calls Aquamorphic. Inspired by the amorphous properties of water, the new design is “effortlessly smooth”. The design features fluid adaptation, seamless integration, and natural vitality. It includes a new colour scheme and icon design. OnePlus claims that 595 design changes have gone into the new Oxygen OS 13.

Zen Mode

zen mode

OxygenOS 13 also has a “zen mode” that encourages users to relax. The feature will allow users to set a timeframe without distractions – including white noise and notifications. It will also turn the phone off, if needed. This mode is a great way to take a mental break from your workday.

Smart Launcher


OxygenOS 13 also features a smart launcher, which makes it easier to navigate folders. You can also tap inside folders to open them more quickly. You can also add widgets for quick access to specific apps. The smart launcher also has a Sidebar toolbox that lets you use everything on the phone with one hand.

Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos

Spatial Audio

OnePlus has added a number of audio features with OxygenOS 13. You can now adjust the direction of the sound in different apps. OnePlus also supports Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos, which enhances the audio experience. OnePlus has also improved its Fast Pair feature, allowing users to connect with smart TVs or wireless devices seamlessly. Another feature, Audio Switch, allows you to switch between different audio devices.

OxygenOS 13 is based on Android 13 and ColorOS 13. Its fresh design focuses on productivity and security. As such, it’s likely to include all the essential Android 13 features. You can also expect some Android customizations, like the new lock screen. However, you may be wondering what exactly is new with OxygenOS.

ColorOS 13 Release Date

OnePlus has not announced a precise release date for OxygenOS 13. The update is expected to arrive for OnePlus 10 Pro and other devices sometime in Q4 2022. The Open Beta build is expected to be available this week, while the stable build will be available in the coming months. The update will also be available for the OnePlus 9 series.

For ore information, you can visit the official OxygenOS 13 page.


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