Want to WIN an iPhone 14 Pro on Your Money Transfers to Philippines? Learn How!


Have you ever thought of winning a brand new iPhone 14 Pro simply when you send money to Philippines from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland? You can quickly do it using ACE Money Transfer to send funds back home securely with ZERO FEE. Does this sound like your dream remittance company as an expatriate? Then you have landed in the world of great remittance! ACE Money Transfer is your one-way ticket to everything a remittance company should have. Moreover, if you want to win an iPhone 14 Pro through this promotional offer, keep reading to find out about it.

Win an iPhone 14 Pro – With ACE Money Transfer

Many expatriates face the remittance blues at some point in their expat life. This can take a toll on the frequency of remitting money to their loved ones. But what if your choice of the right remittance company brings you promotional offers and surprises that may always spark your interest in sending money to your loved ones? ACE Money Transfer is that spark!

Once again, ACE has provided its customers with an amazing offer just by using its remittance services. Become one of the four lucky winners to receive an iPhone 14 Pro by making money transfers to Philippines. Yes! Just by the mere act of remittance, you can become a part of the biggest lucky draw. So, make your transfers between the 1st and 30th of September. Transfers made before or after the date mentioned may not be considered part of this promotional offer.

Where do I enter?

Lengthy forms, unnecessary information, and filling out TMI-personal data are not how ACE Money Transfer rolls. To enter, you just need to transfer money to the Philippines from the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Switzerland. Ensure you do not perform this task after or before the dates mentioned. Make as many transfers as you can so that you may become one of the four lucky winners.

Are There Any Hidden Rules?

You may be traumatised by other remittance companies giving you a shock with their hidden rules after the entrance, but ACE Money Transfer is unlike other companies. Whatever is announced through ACE is implemented by ACE! For this promotional offer, you may need to follow a few pre-established rules:

  • Send Money to Philippines with ZERO Fees using ACE Money Transfer.
  • Ensure that your transactions are completed successfully in order to be eligible for this fortunate draw.
  • This promotion is valid till 30th September, so make sure your transactions are completed during this period.
  • Multiple entries are eligible each day by completing transactions of your choice.
  • Lucky Draws will be conducted for the selection of candidates.
  • Four iPhone 14 Pro – 128GB will be distributed on the following dates:
  • First Lucky Draw – 12th September 2022
  • Second Lucky Draw – 19th September 2022
  • Third Lucky Draw – 29th September 2022
  • Last Draw – 3rd October 2022

May I Enter During the Lucky Draw as a New Customer?

Most expatriates may not be aware of the system for this offer, but whether you are a new or old customer, you will automatically become a part of this offer if you transfer to the Philippines. As mentioned before, transfers executed between 1st September and 30th September 2022 will be considered for this promotional offer. Even if you do not win the first lucky draw, you will still have a chance to be one of the lucky winners of the remaining three iPhone 14 Pro.

But are you still hesitant about trusting ACE as a new customer?

ACE Money Transfer has been an active remittance service since 2002, providing its customers with limitless opportunities and offers. Every customer is prioritised through reliable services and excellent rates, providing extravagant offers since its inception.

ACE provides its consumers with the easiest, cheapest, quickest, and most dependable remittance service. It excels in providing the best possible service to its customers. ACE today serves over 1.3 million customers and strives to outperform its competitors and become the best money transfer company.

So, do not sit back and wait. Enter the lucky draw by making a Zero-Fee online money transfer to Philippines from abroad. Join ACE Money Transfer Now!

Want to know how to open an account with ACE and become a part of the family? Watch the video link below.

How to Create and Activate your Account | ACE Money Transfer


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