Electronics Manufacturing Services – main markets


Several core markets strongly rely on electronics manufacturing services (EMS) despite a changing demand for devices. These are the healthcare and transportation industries as well as the industrial market of electronic equipment used for manufacturing, packaging and quality control. With the significant financial advantages of outsourcing electronics manufacturing, EMS has a key role in the development of these markets.

Medical and healthcare market

The outbreaks of new diseases and evolution of treatment for already known health conditions as well as the popularity of personal healthcare and health-monitoring devices lead to a burgeoning demand for EMS. At the same time, it cannot be met thus easily, since many countries have stringent regulations for medical devices and not all of the contract electronics manufacturers (CEM) can guarantee their products will comply with them.

In the European Union, the ISO 13485 certificate can prove the quality of medical devices, which is why any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) looking for a trustworthy electronics manufacturing service provider should pay attention to the companies holding such certificates. For example, Assel complies with ISO 13485 standards as well as ISO 14001 and ISO 22301 for environmental management and risk validation systems.

Electronics manufacturing services for industrial market

The industrial market utilises a wide diversity of electronic devices and equipment. There are various manufacturers who need electronic machinery for production and many of them have a mixed assortment of goods. At the same time, they also require devices for different purposes besides production, such as transportation, quality control and packaging.

Some of the essential examples of equipment manufactured for the industrial market using electronics manufacturing services are sensors, smart meters and marking devices.

Contract electronics manufacturing for transportation market

One of the key electronics manufacturing services markets is transportation. This market features the exposure of electronic devices to harsh environments, for example, extreme temperatures and humidity.

This requires contract electronics manufacturers to take special steps to provide better protection to vulnerable elements of machinery. At Assel, PCB assemblies manufactured for transport undergo conformal coating and potting procedures. These are making electronic components more resistant to the conditions that can damage the structure of electronics and compromise the safety of the entire vehicle.

Major electronics manufacturing services markets – conclusions

While there are many industry-specific providers of electronics manufacturing services, there are also companies covering a broader scope of markets. Assel has established the necessary production environment and gained certificates allowing it to work on projects for all of the industries mentioned in this article. To learn more about its offer, visit https://asselems.com/en/what-is-electronics-manufacturing-services-ems


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