Intel Arc Graphics Driver Bring Support for Modern Warfare 2, RE Village & Victoria 3

Intel Arc Graphics

Intel has released an update to its Arc series Driver, bringing support for Modern Warfare 2, RE Village & Victoria 3. The new Game On Intel Arc Graphics Driver enables Intel Arc cards to enjoy enhanced graphics performance and improved stability. It includes optimized launch-day patches, performance updates as new games launch, and fixes for the Intel Arc Control.

The new driver focuses on game performance and synthetic benchmarks. Earlier versions of the driver were not optimized for gaming, and this has resulted in a lack of performance.


Intel Arc Graphics Driver Update Changelogs


  • Intel® Game On Driver support on Intel® Arc™ A-series Graphics for:
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*
    • Resident Evil Village Gold Edition*
    • Victoria 3*

OS Reference:

  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – October 2020 Update (20H2)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – May 2021 Update (21H1)
  • Microsoft Windows 10-64 – November 2021 Update (21H2)
  • Microsoft Windows 11*-64 – October 2021 Update (21H2)
  • Microsoft Windows 11-64 (22H2)

Platform (OS Support)

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family (Codename Tiger Lake, Rocket Lake, Tiger Lake-H)
  • 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family (Codename Alder Lake-S, Alder Lake-H, Alder Lake-P, Alder Lake-U, Alder Lake-HX)
  • Intel® Irisl® Xe Dedicated Graphics family (Codename DG1)
  • Intel® Arc™ Graphics family (Codename Alchemist)


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