Minecraft 1.20 Update Adds New Rideable Mob Camel


Mojang announced that the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update is near, and more details will be revealed soon. While we can’t know when the new update will be released, the first four features have already been made available. In addition to these four new features, the update will also include an editor mode, which will have powerful tools for advanced players.

The new 1.20 version of Minecraft will also introduce new items such as Hanging sign, new mobs and features. Players will also be able to craft items with bamboo wood, which will be useful for crafting and building. This type of wood can also be used for creatingbamboo rafts, which will be handy for carrying items.

There will also be a new type of storage block, the chiseled bookshelf. This block is compatible with redstone, so players can use it to build secret passages and other structures. Players will also have the chance to ride camels in the new update, which are available in desert villages and offer a two-player saddle and a dash ability.


Mojang has also hired the creator of Aether for the new version. The creator of Aether is currently working on it, and you can see his Twitter page where he posts updates about the game. There are some other improvements that players may be interested in, such as buildings in the Badlands. It is also possible that the creator of Minecraft will add a new biome to the game.


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