In the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, Mojang is adding a new mob to the game, the Camel. This friendly animal can be found in desert environments. They can hold up to two riders, can drink water and can dash across rivers. In addition, they can be tamed and bred. A baby Camel can be created by feeding the animal prickly cacti.

The upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update will also introduce new items such as Hanging sign, new block Chiseled bookshelf!, bamboo wood and new wood set Bamboo. Players can also use the bamboo wood to craft the Raft, a new boat variant made of using bamboo wood.

Where to Find Camel in Minecraft

The Camel can be found in desert environments, and can be tamed and used for transporting items. They are usually found with wandering traders. They spawn in herds of four to six and are available in four different coat colors. They are not aggressive, and will hide when approached by players.

There is also a new default avatar skin, Sunny. She will join the previously available Steve, Alex, and Makena. The developer has teased that this new default avatar skin will have a similar loot picking mechanic to Allay.

However, unlike Allay, they do not return the items to you. The birch forest biome is the most bland of all the forest biomes in the game, but developers teased that it may be getting a reimagining in the future.

Notably, the upcoming Minecraft update 1.20 will be available next few days. We will update the post with full patch as it becomes available.

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