Riot Games Offering Rewards for Enabling 2FA

Enabling 2FA

You can get special rewards from Riot Games for enabling two-factor authentication 2FA on your Riot account. The company is currently offering a free gift for each different game for users who enable 2FA in their accounts. Two-factor authentication is not required on all accounts, but it will help you stay secure. Riot is encouraging two-factor authentication on its popular games, including Teamfight Tactics. In the future, the company plans to offer additional 2FA options.

Enabling two-factor authentication (called 2FA) on your Riot Games account is a great way to protect your account from hackers. To enable 2FA, you need to sign in to your account and verify your email address. This will send you a 6-digit code that you can enter to unlock your account.


Here is what rewards you will get by enabling the 2FA on your Riot Games account.

  • League of Legends: Taliyah ‘Very Cool’ emote
  • VALORANT: ‘Keep it Safer’ Gun Buddy
  • Legends of Runeterra: Rare Prismatic Chest
  • Teamfight Tactics: Little Legend Egg

Riot has been promoting two-factor authentication on its website in an attempt to encourage users to enable it. Enabling this feature will allow you to use your account safely and securely anywhere. You’ll also automatically be rewarded for enabling 2FA. This is great news for players who enjoy Riot’s games and want to keep their accounts safe.

Enabling two-factor authentication will make your account more secure for everyone. The procedure is simple. Once you enable 2FA on your account, you’ll be sent an email containing a six-digit code. After you enter the code, you can choose to receive the code every thirty days.

How do I activate 2FA?

  1. Sign in to your Riot account page.
  2. Locate the Two-Factor Authentication card.
  3. On this card, you’ll find an Enable or Resend button. Click the button. This sends you an email to enable Two-Factor Authentication. (You don’t have to guess which email; we give you a hint.)
  4. Go to the inbox of your connected email address.
  5. Find and open the Two-Factor Authentication email you received from Riot Games.
    (If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check the spam folder.)
  6. From the email, click the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button.

You can find more details on getting rewards for enabling 2FA here.

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