VALORANT Introduces New Agent Harbor


The Valorant series has recently introduced a new controller agent, named Harbor, and fans are already anticipating the new character. This will be the 21st agent in the game, will be be called Harbor instead of Varun Batra, who was previously speculated to be the next agent coming to Valorant.

The new agent will be a powerful force that will provide a huge boost to the team. The new agent will be trained to use the power of Water to help his team. Fans speculate that his name has something to do with the Hindu god of the ocean, Varun Batra.


While we are still waiting for more information on Harbor’s role in the new content, we do know that he will be a water bender and a water-based controller. This new agent joins the Valorant, and is a former Realm employee.

The agent’s name was never announced before, but fans are getting plenty of hints through the leaks. Riot Games has released two teasers featuring the new agent. The first teaser features a nondescript notebook, a cup of tea, and a few snacks overlooking the harbor. The second teaser is a catchy title for a new agent.

Another new expected feature of the new agent is the ability to use electricity. This allows Harbor to vanish into an electricity tunnel and ambush her enemies before they can react. The teaser also shows Harbor on a bike, wearing a helmet and looking down on a massive water wall.

The dome is large enough to block bullets and evade attacks, and she also has the ability to shield her team from attacks. The game is free to play and available on PC. In addition, the mobile version will also feature the agent.

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