YouTube Handles

Today, YouTube introduces Handles a new feature that will allow creators to use a more recognizable, consistent format to refer to their channels. The handles will be displayed on channel pages and Shorts, and will also allow for @mentioning. YouTube creators will be able to use their handles in any conversation they have on YouTube, and not just in comments.

Handles allow YouTube users to post video responses to other users’ videos. Handles have three-dimensional forms that mimic the human body. The top right corner contains four buttons: the center button is a video camera icon; the middle button is a square containing nine smaller squares; the bottom button is a profile picture. Both of these icons are used to manage your account.

Handles will also help YouTube better understand the information that a user submits to the site. The service will be able to identify which videos are most likely to interest them. The information YouTube collects will be used to improve advertising. The company will also use this information to create a personalized user experience.

Handles will help users upload videos and manage advertising on them. They will also be able to track the amount of traffic their videos receive. Handles will help YouTube make advertising easier for creators and viewers alike. YouTube is also working on creating video-creation tools that will make it easier for content creators to monetize their content.

YouTube will gradually roll out the ability to choose a handle Starting on November 14, 2022, for your channels over the coming weeks, and creators will receive an email and a notification in YouTube Studio when the feature will be available to them. Also, YouTube will automatically assign you a handle, which you can change in YouTube Studio later if you’d like.

Handles allow users to earn money when ads are shown on their videos, or when a YouTube Premium subscriber views a video. For a user to become eligible for the program, they must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. These numbers will be visible in YouTube Analytics.


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